How long is radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer?

How long is radioactive after thyroid treatment?

Your doctor will give you a wallet card with information about your treatment. The card states that you received treatment in Nuclear Medicine and that you may give off small amounts of radiation for up to 3 months after your treatment.

How will I feel after radioactive iodine?

A swollen or tender neck and feeling flushed

Some people may have a feeling of tightness or swelling in their neck for a few days after treatment. This is more common if you still had a large part of your thyroid gland when you have radioactive iodine treatment. Some people also feel flushed.

How long do you stay in the hospital after radioactive iodine treatment?

Most people are in the hospital for 1 night. Your doctor will tell you if you need to stay longer. You’ll have another whole-body scan several days after your treatment. This helps your doctor see where the dose of radioactive iodine was taken up in your body.

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How long does radioactive iodine last?

The effect of this treatment on the thyroid gland usually takes between one and three months to develop, with maximum benefit occurring three to six months after treatment. Usually, a single dose is successful in treating hyperthyroidism.

Does radioactive iodine shorten your life?

Quality of life is worse at 6-10 years after radioactive iodine therapy of Graves’ disease compared with treatment with antithyroid drugs or surgery. Quality of life is worse at 6-10 years after radioactive iodine therapy of Graves’ disease compared with treatment with antithyroid drugs or surgery.

How do I clean my house after radioactive iodine treatment?

The iodine-131 will wash out in the laundry.

To decrease the spread of radioactivity:

  1. If possible, use a separate bathroom.
  2. Flush the toilet two times after each use.
  3. Men should sit down when urinating.
  4. If urine should be spilled/splashed, wash and rinse the affected area three times, using paper towels or tissue.

How quickly can I end up hypothyroid at radioactive iodine?

In almost all cases, your thyroid hormone levels will return to normal or below normal after radioactive iodine treatment. This may take 8 to 12 weeks or longer. If your thyroid hormone level does not go down after 6 months, you may need another dose of radioactive iodine.

Does radioactive iodine make you lose hair?

Radioactive iodine does not produce hair loss. Nevertheless, hair loss can be associated with changing levels of thyroid hormone, and may be experienced by some patients with hypo or hyperthyroidism.

What can you not do after radioactive iodine treatment?

You will be advised to sleep alone for the first few days after your treatment. During this period, you should avoid kissing or sexual intercourse. Also avoid prolonged physical contact with others, particularly children and pregnant women. If you have a baby, be sure to get instructions from your doctor.

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Do I have to stay in hospital for radioactive iodine?

For higher doses, you need to stay in a special room in the hospital and have your urine monitored for the radioactive iodine being excreted. You will swallow radioiodine in the form of capsules (pills) or a liquid. Your thyroid will absorb most of the radioactive iodine.

How much water should I drink after radioactive iodine?

Avoid contact with pregnant women and children under the age of 12 for 7 days. Drink plenty of liquids starting 60 minutes after your RAI pill(s) for 7 days. After that, drink about 1 glass of fluids every 2 hours that you are awake to encourage urination at least once per hour.

Do you stay in the hospital for radioactive iodine?

Having radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer. Radioactive iodine treatment takes place in the hospital. You usually stay there for a few days until your radiation levels have fallen to a safe level. You will be looked after in a single room, where you stay alone.