Is MD Anderson only a cancer hospital?

Is MD Anderson a private hospital?

It is both a degree-granting academic institution and a cancer treatment and research center located at the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Type Specialist
Affiliated university University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Texas A&M College of Medicine

Is MD Anderson only in Houston?

Request an appointment online or call us at. 713-745-9940. MD Anderson is the only hospital in Houston solely devoted to ending cancer. With innovative approaches in treatment, groundbreaking research and easy-to-access locations across the Houston area, MD Anderson is finding new ways to give more hope to patients.

Does MD Anderson have other locations?

Partner locations

Our world-class standard of care can be found at the following locations: Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Phoenix, Arizona. MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper in Camden, New Jersey. MD Anderson Radiation Treatment Center at Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Do you have to be referred to MD Anderson?

Do I need a referral from a physician? Referrals are not needed from your physician to request an appointment. MD Anderson accepts referrals from both patients and referring physicians.

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How many people died from MD Anderson?

Results: Of 1,793 local patients, 251 (14%) died at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center; the remaining 86% died elsewhere. A total of 617 (34%) died at home, and 929 (52%) died in an acute hospital setting (including M.D. Anderson). A total of 1,040 (58%) died within 2 years of registration.

How long does it take to get an appointment at MD Anderson?

How long will it take to get an appointment? The hospital average is seven to 10 days; however, it varies for each center.

What does MD Anderson specialize in?

MD Anderson is one of the world’s most respected centers focused on cancer patient care, research, education and prevention. The institution is part of The University of Texas System and is one of only 51 comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute.

How do you get into MD Anderson fast?

You can call 1-877-632-6789 to schedule an appointment with MD Anderson or the patient can log in to MyChart to request a new appointment. If the patient hasn’t registered for MyChart yet, they can call 1-877-632-6789 to request an activation code. Registration is quick and easy.

How good is MD Anderson?

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center again has been ranked No. 1 for cancer care by U.S. News & World Report’s annual “Best Hospitals” survey. Since the survey began in 1990, MD Anderson has been named one of the top two cancer hospitals, and it has ranked first 14 times in the last 17 years.

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Who is the best oncologist in the country?

Recognized Oncologists

  • George Sledge Jr, MD, Stanford University Medical Center, California.
  • George Somlo, MD, City of Hope, Duarte, -California.
  • Vered Stearns, MD, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Baltimore.
  • Tiffany Traina, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York.
  • Eric Winer, MD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston ■

Can you get into MD Anderson without insurance?

If your insurance plan is not accepted at MD Anderson, or if you do not have insurance and are paying for your own care, you will be asked to pay a deposit for your first appointment at MD Anderson. The deposit is only an estimate, but the actual charges may be higher or lower based on the actual services received.

Does MD Anderson do surgery?

Stephen Swisher, M.D. The Surgery Division is dedicated to advancing oncologic surgery in the nation and the world through safe, high-quality, multidisciplinary patient care, research and education.

What can I bring to MD Anderson?

Warm, comfortable clothes and walking shoes

MD Anderson always has warm blankets, but this makes it easier if you want to walk around. Also bring walking shoes and, most importantly, the person who makes you laugh the most. Comfortable shoes, an extra change of clothes, snacks and something to read.