What is the purpose of sputum cytology?


What is sputum cytology used for?

Examination under a microscope of cells found in sputum (mucus and other matter brought up from the lungs by coughing). The test checks for abnormal cells, such as lung cancer cells.

What is the purpose of sputum?

Sputum contains cells from the immune system that help fight the bacteria, fungi, or other foreign substances in your lungs or airways. The thickness of sputum helps trap the foreign material. This allows cilia (tiny hairs) in the airways to push it through the mouth and be coughed out.

How is sputum cytology done?

Sputum cytology is the testing of lung secretions or phlegm to look for cancerous cells. The patient coughs up a sample of mucus, which is viewed under the microscope to identify possible cancer cells. Samples are often collected early in the morning for several days.

What is the clinical significance of sputum analysis?

Clinical diagnostic sputum tests aim to detect the causes of lower respiratory tract infections and some other diseases. It also provides an efficacious tool for monitoring the effectiveness of clinical treatment. Sputum culture is the most common test needed to be performed when the patient has pneumonia.

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How long does sputum cytology take?

Sputum cytology examines a sample of sputum (mucus) under a microscope to determine whether abnormal cells are present. It may take several days to receive results from a sputum cytology. Normal: Normal lung cells are present in the sputum sample.

What are cytology results?

A cytology test is used to look closely at cells and body fluids. It may be helpful if a patient has cancer symptoms or is due for a cancer screening. There’s a wide range of cytology test procedures. A Pap smear, which collects cells around the cervix, is one example.

What color sputum indicates infection?

As a general rule, sputum is dark green in the early stages of an infection and gradually lightens as the infection improves. It is the presence of an enzyme called myeloperoxidase that gives the sputum its green color, during an infection. Some infections may cause sputum to be yellow, gray, or rusty colored.

What does a positive sputum test mean?

A sputum culture is a test to find germs (such as TB bacteria) that can cause an infection. A sample of sputum is added to a substance that promotes the growth of bacteria. If no bacteria grow, the culture is negative. If bacteria grow, the culture is positive. If TB bacteria grow, then the person has tuberculosis.

How much sputum is normal?

The normal lung produces approximately 20 – 30 millilitres of mucus per day to assist with the functioning of the muco-ciliary escalator. Mucus is called sputum when an excess amount is produced within the airways and needs to be expectorated.

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How do you pass a sputum test?

Take a very deep breath and hold the air for 5 seconds. Slowly breathe out. Take another deep breath and cough hard until some sputum comes up into your mouth. Spit the sputum into the plastic cup.

What if sputum AFB is negative?

A negative AFB smear may mean that no infection is present, that symptoms are caused by something other than mycobacteria, or that the mycobacteria were not present in sufficient numbers to be seen under the microscope. Usually three samples are collected to increase the probability that the organisms will be detected.

How much sputum is needed for a sputum test?

The necessary amount of sputum for most tests is 5 ml (about 1 teaspoon). However, multiple tests are often ordered so more specimen may be needed. Some testing is best done on serial specimens, so you may be asked to collect for three days in a row.